“This Happened” Newsletter by Lynne Likens

This Happened is a synopsis of some of the progressive events held in our valley. It is as complete as I can make it. If you have attended an event worth mentioning,  please email me at ourrevolution4peace@gmail.com  and I will get it in. I will try to post in the middle and at the end of each month.  I hope you enjoy this little look back.  Keep on keeping on.  — Lynne Likens

Posted July 19, 2017
July 22:    Ord2 Indivisible drew a crowd to their Noon Rally at Alba Park Medford.  Gail Wilson presented AND played her ukulele:)  Lauri Hoagland spoke about her heartfelt experiences as an RN. Kristin Moline, Public Health Nurse and ORD2 Outreach coordinator roused the crowd with her natural effervescence and important information on HB 2391.  Allen Hallmark spoke about getting out the vote and how to get involved in the Neighborhood Leader Program (NLP).   Jenica Faye gave an update that the NLP list will include progressives, as well as Democrats. Allen Journet announced a letter writing workshop that he and Kathy Conway have started for those that wish to improve their ‘letters to the editor’ skills. Jim Crary stumped for his campaign against Walden. Seek him out and hear what he has to offer. The complete event can be seen on youtube, at ord2indivisible filmed by Jacob Hopper.
July: 23    Access Live Event presented by MoveOn, Peoples Action and Working Families. This is the 13th Access Live Event, Jennifer Epps-Addison from the Center for Popular Democracy was the first to speak, Texas racial profiling was discussed and then Trump and his family’s ties to Russia was examined. It’s important to get fresh perspectives from live people. These phone calls always expand my awareness.
July 25:  Allen Journet and Kathy Conway of Socan presented the film, The Age of Consequences. Take home message: climate change is all about the water. We are suffering cascading disasters due to unprecedented stressed resources. Past climate changes have destroyed civilizations.  Whoever controls the water controls the area. Direct links between terrorist groups to climate change for, example, would be heroin production: drought conditions won’t sustain wheat, but poppies are drought tolerant, thus a salable crop. The Taliban supports the farmers while the US is destroying their livelihood with their crops.   Lastly: contact Louise Shawkat of Mountain Meadows if you’d like to sign up for the  Master Climate Protector Program in Talent. It will cost $100; scholarships are available; no one should be left out due to lack of money. Their take home message: inaction is a choice as much as action. So make the choice you want for the future you want.
Alan DeBoer Town Hall at RCC/SOU Higher Education Center
July 26:  Alan DeBoer held a town hall at Talent Community Center to a full house. The meet-up was a question and answer session with two lines formed down both sides of the room. There was no time limit so many questions were as long as the answers. DeBoer was most candid in his remarks and quite clear where he stood on issues. He has compassion for people but as a Republican he is pragmatic. He is ‘for’ single payer but believes to be successful we need a larger pool of all three northwest states; California, Oregon and Washington. Talent’s mayor, Darby Ayers-Flood asked the senator to support local control on stabilizing rents and rising housing costs, to lift bans on tools for local leadership in zoning and rent stabilization. He stated he was against banning no cause evictions because with fault evictions are so difficult to perform.
July 27:    This Land is Our Land, A Public Lands Celebration at the Commons in Medford, beautiful day on the plushest of lawns. I had to walk barefoot.  Great music and so many booths. Shasta water was there to let folks know that Crystal Geyser wants to start bottling their treasure. I was told that the last time bottling was done wells were going dry.
July 28: I met with Alan DeBoer to understand the logic behind his stated positions. I wanted to speak with him because at the community meeting he spoke most passionately about how all people are equal and deserve a chance. When we met he spoke at length on the financial aspects of taxing corporations and said he had a tax plan to remedy the tax shortfall. He also said he will work on our housing problems, then he had to leave as he had a meeting concerning electric cars.
July 29:  Flash Health Rally on the Plaza in Ashland attracted about 100 people celebrating the win. The ACA repeal lost and the rally was on the news!  I saw the Indivisible banner and the  HCAO banner was proudly displayed by Wes Brain.
Addresses for agents of change:



Citizen Activist: Allen Hallmark is a friend, photographer, journalist, and a Vet for Peace. Allen fills the need whether it be photographing events, writing, chairing groups or speaking, he works tirelessly to create a future we can live in.

Posted July 19, 2017
Pheww, 4th of July is past and the revolution made a good showing with
floats, music and enthusiasm. Please note our valley has a plethora of
themes: Our Revolution has Summer of Progress*, * SoCan has Age of
Consequences and ORD2 has Summer of Resistance, with all these
opportunities (and more) there is no reason to sit on the sidelines. *Everyone
Can do Something*.*July 9*:    General ORD2 meeting at the UU Ashland.
*July 10*:   ORSO planning and advisory meeting
*July 11:*   *Big Pharm,* a must see, was shown at the Medford library to a
packed house.* Democratic Party of Oregon* presented the *Neighborhood
Leader Program*, chaired by *Allen Hallmark.* The program offers training
and info on how to become a neighborhood leader. Incredible program, this
is a path to success.
*July 13:*    *Rogue Climate Talent* meeting. Extremely interesting subject
new to me; Independent Public Power. Electricity is a *regulated monopoly*
Communities in Oregon have a protected right in our state constitution to
own their own infrastructure. ORS 261 is a good law supporting local
control and keeping money local.  *Sharon Anderson* chaired the
meeting, *Eleanor
Ponomareff *invited all to *SOCAN’s BLM Rally *on Sunday, Ryan Zinke
Trump’s Interior Secretary will be there. Let’s give him a Green Oregon
*July 15:*     K Falls Single Payer Rally. *Wes Brain* and *Brenda
Gould* represented
our valley and * Julie Rider RN* a local K. Falls citizen activist making a
difference for her neighbors.Conference Call ‘Resistance Summer Canvass Kickoff’ with Congressman DeFazio*Darby Ayers-Flood*, Talent mayor, celebrates marriage at the Pump House.
Congrats to the happy couple.
*July 16:*   BLM Rally in Medford . *President Trump has launched an attack
on America’s cultural and natural heritage. On April 26, the President
issued an Executive Order to review over twenty National Monuments across
eleven states, including the newly expanded Cascade-Siskiyou National
Monument in Southern Oregon. This unprecedented order constitutes the most
aggressive anti-public lands action yet taken by Trump’s nascent
administration, and threatens to undermine decades of conservation work by
communities across the nation.  *We just received word that *Trump’s
Interior Secretary, Ryan Zinke*, will be coming to S. Oregon this weekend
to visit the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument. Polluting industries and
dark money political donors are driving this review to dismantle our
monuments and public lands heritage. We need to show that real people care
about our special places and want to see them protected!  From *Alexander
Harris*, Public Lands Fellow, Oregon Wild
July 17    *ORD2Indivisible Social Hour* at the Roxy Ann Winery
July 18:  the first *Progressive Revolutionary Crawl* met at Pfaff Park. *Wes
Brain* roused the crowd, as only he can, for a stroll and chanting through
lovely downtown Central Point. It was a beautiful day to welcome CP to the
revolution.  *Dasja Dolan* has posted her pics to FB on the ORD2 Discussion
page.*’Now is the Time’  **Shirley Weathers*,* Bill Walsh* and *Joya
Chapman* were among those who attended the showing at the Eagle Point
library hosted by the fabulous *Three Sisters: * *Liz, Gemma *and* Mary*,
they are a force to be reckoned with. *Sandra* *Coyner* and *Joe Graf,* of
HCAO, helped facilitate the discussion.

A few local organizations


This issues Citizen Activist is Donna Breedlove for her wonderful caricatures, bringing art and beauty to the revolution. 


The Revolution at a Glance – Posted 6/27/2017


June 13:  Indivisible Tuesday’s Rally at the old Medford Courthouse. The turnout was small but exuberant. Many signs supporting the camaraderie. Rallies are now held on the second Tuesday and fourth Saturday at noon.


June 14:  Flag Day


June 19:  Talent LNG Meeting at the Community Center. Talent, a small community leading the solar charge into a sustainable future.


June 20:  ORSO Planning Meeting; Candidates and the 4th, join us on the 4th at Beech St. to march with us in the parade.


June 21:  Talent City Council chooses a new member


June 22:  Film, ‘Big Pharma’ at the UU in Ashland  35 folks made it


June 24:  Indivisible Noon Rally at Vogel Park, see it on Facebook

June 25:  Action Network Day of Dinners
               HCAO-Rogue Valley planing meeting
Indivisible FLASH RALLY:RRMC      June 27   1pm           
This issue’s Citizen Activist is my eldest son, a Trump voter, who sent me this link. At this point Trump has weak support from the nation’s people but still controls the WH, the Congress and the Supreme Court (which is suppose to be non-partisan). 
 Is Trump Suffering from Dementia?

This is a pivotal point in our country and the world. For too long the citizens of this nation have been silent in the comfort that allowed them to be un-involved and now the world is in flames and our very freedoms are being challenged by a despotic rule that MUST be resisted at all times. Do not stay home, do not remain mute! At the very LEAST put a sign in your yard stating what you believe in, what you want. We must stand together FOR our future.

See you at Ashland’s FOURTH of JULY Parade.


Addresses of local groups:



The week in Review (posted 6/12/17),

June 5: Mohamed called from Unite Oregon. He said he wanted to do something to move the revolution forward and found that Unite Oregon, in Phoenix, has a call night every Monday. It was Monday, we talked about healthcare.

June 7:  Jane Sanders announced the  launch of a new progressive group called the Sanders Institute.  “I wanted to start an organization that would bring people together to learn from each other and discuss how to make our country and our democracy better.”  (Thank you Jane)

June 8:  Indivisible Live Facebook Event. (I need a tutorial to help me connect)

June 10:  HCAO Lobby Day in Salem, there was a huge turnout at the Universal Unitarians in Salem. State Senator Dembrow attended as well as Richard Master who made the film Fix It.  Lauri Hoagland was elected to the board.

June 10:  Live address by Bernie from The Peoples Summit in Chicago.  Inspirational.
June 12:  MoveOn‘s Ready to Resist dialed me for their livestream link. There were 6 speakers; all interesting. Noah explained why we need two investigations into Trump. They asked us to join National Call Day on June 13 to demand Trump be investigated for Russia and the emoluments clause . Call  202. 224.3121 Capitol Switchboard, to connect you to your senator. MoveOn will do monthly Ready to Resist calls, use the link below to RSVP.

          To channel angst into political action use these links:

                                      Listen Local
   KSKQ  –   89.5 fm  –  The Brain Report   –  Wednesday   –   9-10 am
And to help you stay informed here is a link; excellent talks on healthcare.
Blumenauer is a state rep for the 3rd district. Very knowledgeable peakers.

From: Lee Mercer <lee@mainstreetalliance.org>
Subject: Fwd: Link to Blumenauer Single Payer Forum C-Span coverage

Working For                                       

                                 A Future We Can Believe In

May 30:  Socan Meeting at the Medford Library with Josh Cohen of Barking Moon and Anne Carter of the Medford Coop. Both discussed different aspects of what it takes to have a successful organic market place.
May 31: RCC Medford Ollie Class, Julie Caldwell led the class studying  Bernie Sanders’ book ‘Our Revolution’.
June 4: HCAO-Rogue Valley meets the first Sunday of every month. Salem Lobby Day on June 20, the movie ‘Big Pharma due to show at the Unitarian on June 22, and the concert with Anne Feeney on July 3rd at the UU, also plans for the 4th of July parade discussed.
To quote Nina Turner, “We are not in the tomb, we’re in the womb, we must breathe and push, breathe and push.” Presently in the valley we are breathing in deeply readying for our push. We do have the daily ‘Call to Action’ brought to us from Indivisible and there are a plethora of local organizational meetings for the many groups within our valley preparing for the 4th of July as well as planning some movies and other events.
     To locate and join these events check out these sites:

  This weeks Citizen Action is our own Brenda Gould’s daughter, Rebecca Gould who wrote this contemplative piece:

                A Double Standard for White Terrorists

Almost immediately after it emerged that a white supremacist had stabbed three men who were trying to prevent him from attacking Muslim women in a Portland train, killing two of them, efforts at mitigation began.